Boat: Historical background

Our ancestors travelled far from China to Sabah and established Basel Church. Though passing through rough seas, with Jesus as the boatman, they got through safety. 

Mount Kinabalu: Mission

Under the leadership of the Holy Spirit though the path is difficult, dangerous and with a lot of temptation, all will be overcome and the gospel shall be spread throughout Sabah. 

Circle: Unity in the love of the Lord.

All Christians are circled in the love of the Father disregarding race, colour, language and customs. To become perfect person in the Salvation of Christ, spreading the gospel in one accord. The circle also represents the length, breadth, height and depth of the love of God. 

Blue: Signifies the long history and the infiniteness, it also represents meekness and peace.

Red: Signifies the fire of the Holy Spirit, full of love, faith, zeal, wisdom, boldly marching forth.